Stamina is Queen

By September 6, 2017Entrepreneurship

Consistency is perhaps the biggest driver of success in any business. After all, before a company can create anything of value and deliver it to its market, it must stay alive long enough to achieve this.

While consistency as a team is critical, I’ve found that the leading driver behind such is having the personal stamina to endure the endless flow of challenges, persevere through adversity, and ultimately thrive.

Stamina is Queen.

It is a beautiful art that pushes you into an uncharted territory forcing you to sink or swim. 

One thing that I frequently ask those who interview at our company is what gets them up every morning (Yes, literally, what wakes you up). Before your alarm goes off every morning, what do you wake up to, what thoughts keep you restless, unsettled, what is the world desperately depending on you to accomplish, and ultimately what purpose do you owe to yourself to fulfill?

Stamina is not synthesized. There are two critical components to it: The inner spark that triggers a calling to work towards something bigger than yourself, and perhaps the most undervalued, the mental discipline acquired through practice. 

Stamina is Driven by Purpose.

Physical endurance should not be undervalued, it is certainly something that any ambitious person must nurture throughout one’s life. However, that is Only half of the picture. Purpose is what keeps you going even when your knees tremble as you face Goliath. Yes, launching a company, or fulfilling your truest potential does equate to facing a giant. It equates to beating the giant, outworking the giant and ultimately claiming triumph.

Consequently, much of success is attributed to consistency (or, at least, it should be). But achieving consistency is no easy task and stamina should be a core skill to nurture in your team. Physical endurance is at the core of what it means to have the stamina, but there’s more to being Queen than sheer hustle. To be great is to have purpose, and purpose is the one spark that will keep you going even when everything else looks dark.

Don’t just build things, find things worth building, problems worth solving, find that spark, the one that will give you a second wind, the stamina required to keep you going, own it, live it, and keep pushing because “overnight success was years in the making”.