8 Websites Tech Entrepreneurs should Visit Every Single Day

By October 17, 2017Entrepreneurship
  1. Tech-Crunch:

    Get your daily fix of anything tech-news related. They even have a brief called “The Daily Crunch” with quick snippets of the most newsworthy occurrences in the industry.

  2. Google Alerts:

    Part of being an expert in your particular niche means being up to date with everything, Google Alerts lets you set up search notifications of new content as it appears on the web. Be the first to know.

  3. Hacker News:

    Reddit for anything tech, user-shared updates of the more noteworthy mentions in the tech community.

  4. Y Combinator Blog:

    Thoughts and lessons from high profile VC, Serial Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders across many verticals.

  5. Twitter:

    Great resource to stay up to date and interact with influencers in your space. From Elon Musk to Jack Dorsey and more. Also great for subscribing to news outlets in your field.

  6. CrunchBase:

    The best portal for staying up to date with technology Mergers & Acquisitions and Investments.

  7. Medium:

    Curated content ranging from articles that will make you deeply question the fabric of life, to technical tutorials on Machine Learning and beyond.

  8. Quora:

    Explore answers to relevant problems/questions in your field usually answered by experts or others with significant experience – from CEOs to Googlers to Influencers.